“I worked with Mary Barron of Barron’s Environmental Solutions – In Time!, Inc. to develop a comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP) for my dairy, Vaz Dairy … Based on this CNMP, I was offered and accepted a contract by the Chaves County NRCS … USDA Environmental Quality Improvement Program (EQIP).”


Jerry Vaz
Managing Member
Vaz Dairy
Roswell, NM


“Mary Barron of Barron’s Environmental Solutions – In Time!, Inc. has been handling all of the environmental issues for Rajen Dairy since August 1998. She was hired because of the increasing concern for environmental problems facing dairies then and the ones to come. Mary’s performance in dealing with these issues has greatly exceeded my expectations, and I have been extremely pleased with her work. For example, EPA inspected Rajen Dairy just a few months after Mary started working for me. Thanks to Mary’s work up to then and skill in handling the interview, Rajen Dairy received one of the very few top EPA inspection rankings given in New Mexico. As a result of that high EPA ranking, I believe the dairy has been spared and will continue to be spared unwelcome attention from both the Environment Department and the EPA.

In short, Mary does an excellent job. She has a primary concern for the dairy, and I feel she will go to any lengths to make sure my interests are served. I think her continued performance, along with her good relationship with the Environment Department and EPA, will go a long way toward easing the transition into the tighter environmental and safety rules in the future. Allowing me to concentrate on producing milk. I definitely recommend her services.”


Randy Vander Dussen
Rajen Dairy
Clovis, NM


“With all of the environmental problems and issues facing dairies, we are very happy with all the work performed for us by Mary Barron of Barron’s Environmental Solutions – In Time!, Inc. Mary has been working with us since September 1998.

Because of her work, this dairy received .. on its EPA inspection … the highest ranking possible and the only such ranking given in New Mexico to date.

Mary writes our environmental and safety plans, keeps our environmental records, does our inspections, does the water sampling, and prepares reports to submit to the Environment Department and EPA, and trains our employees on the environmental rules. She also developed our OSHA Hazard Communication program and trains our employees on this program.

She is very thorough and keeps us up to date on new and pertaining issues. She is very willing to work with you on a variety on areas to maintain compliance with all regulatory issues governing dairies in New Mexico.”


Irene Handley
Do-Rene Dairy
Clovis, NM


“Thank you over and over again for your countless hours of devoted service. We recognize your outstanding contribution to CHOICES Center for Independent Living.”


Audra Wilson
Executive Director
Along with Staff and Board Members
CHOICES Center for Independent Living, Inc.
Roswell, NM
“Your contributions to Enterprise were truly outstanding, and without you, we would never have been able to accomplish the improvements in our environmental compliance and awareness that were achieved over the past four years.”

Robin Pate
Executive Vice President
Enterprise Products Company,
Houston, TX