Permit Application Preparation, Plans and Reports.

Prepare governmental-required permit applications for various businesses and various operations within a business, including air quality, ground water quality, surface water quality, and hazardous waste. Prepare periodic reports required by governmental agencies, usually to comply with permits.

Extensive experience in:

  • Federal RCRA Hazardous Waste Assessments and Reports
  • Air Quality Permits
  • Federal NPDES Surface Water Discharge Permits
  • State Ground Water Discharge Permits

Why Choose Us?


  1. We have many years’ experience successfully preparing required environmental permits and reports.
  2. We have many years’ experience analyzing a given business’s operations and determining what permit requirements apply to those operations.
  3. We have developed many collegial contacts with US EPA and state agencies which have streamlined the permitting process for our clients.

Key Benefits For Our Clients:

  • Because of our skill and experience in preparing permit applications, we save our clients a considerable amount of money and time over what they would have to expend by training employees to prepare the applications in house or by hiring large environmental firms.

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