Petrochemical Plant Operations

Prepare the applications for and maintain all permits required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or State Environmental regulatory agencies

  • Prepare federal and state permit applications for ground water discharge, air quality, and hazardous waste.
  • Provide the actions and records required by the regulatory permits.
    • Inventory hazardous and priority air emissions.
    • Prepare wastewater equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Repair.  Maintain the associated logs.
    • Inventory hazardous waste shipments.
    • Train employees on permit requirements.  Document training.
    • Maintain all other required records except daily records
    • Perform all required weekly and annual inspections and measurements. Maintain the associated logs.
    • Prepare all reports required by environmental regulatory bodies.
  • Interface verbally and in writing with regulatory officials.  Keep plant management informed about relevant developing rules and regulatory actions.
  • Arrange and provide professional supervision of monitoring well installation
  • Identify vendors for environmental services and equipment, including writing Request for Bids and evaluating bids.